McNiffes Boxty

Mc Niffe's Boxty is an award winning business, carving a niche for itself as Ireland's highest quality Boxty producer and Boxty supplier......try it for yourself and taste the difference!. Keep up to date by Liking our Facebook page.

What Is Boxty?

McNiffes Boxty is a traditional Irish Food, originating in the west of Ireland in the 1800s. Boxty is made from 3 simple ingredents, potato, flour and a pinch of salt. Boxty was first produced for local retail markets by Detta and Micheal Mc Niffe from Mc Niffe's Bakery in County Leitrim in 1988, and its popularity has increased ever since with customers enjoying its great taste all over the world!

"Mc Niffes Boxty -Made with Love in Leitrim since 1988"
- Mc Niffes Bakery

Pan Boxty


Boiled Boxty


Potato Cake


Loaf Boxty